Lucky Number 13

I am excited to report that we FINALLY have all thirteen of our windows properly installed! After a huge headache and a long back-and-forth with Home Depot, we agreed on a path forward. We removed all twelve incorrect, non-tempered windows that were already put in, and carefully boxed each one up for a return to the store. There was a brief moment of panic when we opened a box (which we had quintuple checked) to find a window without the tempered glass etch mark, but we realized that it was the one remaining old window. Phew! Home Depot has been fair with their resolution which included sending us more rolls of Zip System tape, caulk, and nails.


The most beautiful words: Tempered Glass!

We took extra care when taping the windows, making sure that none of our old nail holes are exposed. We will be sure to check for any leaks before we move forward with trim and siding.

This whole ordeal took a huge hit to our timeline and motivation, but now that it is almost completely resolved, I am hopeful that things can begin to move forward again. On the bright side, we both have significantly more experience installing (and uninstalling) windows than we did before!