Adventures in Downsizing: Part Three

Next on the list is papers! Any non-sentimental papers like manuals, receipts, pay stubs and the like are on the chopping block this time. I’m surprisingly excited to get rid of these things.

I used to save every single pay stub, even after leaving a job. I’m not really sure what I was afraid of, but I’ve come to accept that we live in a digital age. There are copies of everything. If I recycle the manual for my printer, I can find it again online if I need it, though I can’t think of a single time when I’ve referred back to a product manual after owning something for more than a week. If I do feel like I need to save a copy of something, I can save it digitally instead.

This was cathartic! I saved only a handful of papers to scan into our files, and the only physical paper I have left is the title to my car. Christopher got rid of piles and piles also, and in the end, we have only two hanging file folders worth of papers.