It’s for the birds!

One Big Baby

This is the baby from round 1 just before it decided to fly the coop.

After we had our walls framed and our rafters in place, the first residents moved into our home. A pair of birds built a nest tucked safely against a rafter, away from wind and predators. We were flattered that they had chosen our home for their own but worried about how long their residency might last. Over the next few days, we found a few of the eggs broken on the floor below; I’m not sure if they fell somehow or were kicked out for some defect. Eventually, one baby bird hatched and we watched it grow and be fed. Its parents were less than thrilled anytime we were near the house, and they made a big ruckus when we put the sheathing up. However, they didn’t abandon the nest, and we made sure to use extra caution when using the nailer in the area of the nest. Thankfully they never decided to dive-bomb us or express their disdain in any way except for vocally.

As we installed the windows, we went a little more slowly than we would have if there had been no birds in the house, so that the baby would have a little more time to fly away when it was ready. It seemed like that baby might never leave, but finally, one day the nest was empty. We were both happy to have an empty home and proud of the little dude.

Five More

Round 2 of baby birds in our unfinished house included a jam-packed nest with 5 eggs.

Well, our home must really be something special because that same night, we found a bird back in the nest. We assumed this might be the baby (I think some species of bird stick around in their birthplace for a couple of weeks before vamoosing). We offered words of encouragement… and a little frustration, hoping that he would move on so we could finish the envelope of the house.

Despite those words, a few days ago, we found FIVE new eggs in the nest! It seems to be the same kind of bird, but I have no idea if it’s the same parents for round two, their friends, or perhaps the baby was on a fast-track maturity timeline.

The one positive that has come out of the window mix-up is that these new babies will have some extra time to hatch, grow, and fly away while the new windows are ordered. We will be sure to remove the nest promptly this time!