Learning to Live a Little

Our first conversation about tiny houses was an argument. Normally, I would say that meant the whole endeavor was doomed from the start, but I’ve come to think of it instead as an important starting point.

I discovered tiny houses by watching TINY: A Story About Living Small on Netflix while dog/chicken/house sitting for some friends. I was far from enthused about going tiny myself, but I was definitely interested in what it meant to be living small.

Later that day, I excitedly gave Christopher a brief synopsis of the movie, insisting that he watch it with me with an open mind.

After we watched it together, I was beginning to open up to the idea that tiny might be right for us.

Christopher remained unconvinced.

We spent a long time discussing why space was important, what we use our living space for, and how we envisioned our future family living. I won’t go into all of the details, but eventually, we reached a place of mutual understanding.

Many of Christopher’s reservations were also mine, and we talked through it all.


Speed Limit

The road to Animas Forks, Colorado.

That brings us to the name of our blog: Learning to Live a Little. What does it mean to live a little? I think it means that you stop focusing so much on the day to day grind, and start to open yourself to new, beautiful experiences. You don’t accept something just because it is conventional to do so, you take the time to think through your actions. It’s making sure that what you invest your time and money into is really important to you.

So, how do we get to a place where we’re living a little? Well, for us, it starts with building our home. I don’t know exactly what our journey will look like, but that’s part of what excites me. I look forward to sharing the things we learn with you!