Adventures in Downsizing: Part Two

Each shelf used to be jam-packed with books! We have yet to go through the CD’s and magazines.

The next section in Marie Kondo’s downsizing plan is books. For me, this was tough but for Christopher, this was a breeze.

We both have clunky old versions of Kindles that we use regularly, but there is something about having a book in your hands that the e-reader experience will never duplicate.

When we moved, books were the category I spent the most time downsizing, and we donated about 150 books to Goodwill.

I broke the rules for this section and kept several books that I’ve had for a while and still intend to read. This is a battle to be continued another day.

At the end of the day, we have set aside 26 books for donation. Hey, progress is progress.

Update: I finally read one of the someday books from my bookshelf, and it felt like a great accomplishment. For anyone interested in learning about bipolar mania, I can now recommend Andy Behrman’s Electroboy