Adventures in Downsizing: Part One

We moved into a different place back in September 2015, and we got rid of a lot of our stuff in the process. We still have so much more than we need! We’ve decided to use Marie Kondo’s famous book to get us started. There are plenty of criticisms of her methods, but even if they don’t end up working for us, at least it’s a jumping-off point.

For those who are not familiar, there is a specific order that Marie recommends for downsizing belongings, and step one is clothing.

This was a pretty easy day. We are primarily jeans and tee-shirt people, and it was painless to get rid of the things that we just don’t like or ever wear, and things that don’t even fit properly.

At the end of the day, we donated five full garbage bags of clothes and shoes at an American Red Cross collection box.

Inside Dresser

After our clothes purging, we are now sharing this dresser. It is about the size of what we are planning on using inside our new home.

Currently, we share the use of one full sized dresser, and we have two 24″ sections of hanging clothes. In our loft, we are planning on each having a small IKEA dresser, potentially these. That should give us about the same amount of space for folded clothing that we have now. For hanging clothes, we will have approximately a 7″ wide space under the stairs, so we still have some work to do in this section.

This feels like a good start!