Why tiny?

When we first began telling people a couple of years ago that we were going tiny, no one knew what we were talking about. Now, there are many tiny house shows on television, and most people seem to have some level of familiarity with tiny houses. Now, we get more questions about why we want to go tiny than about what tiny living means.

We have several motivating factors for going tiny. Here are just a few:

-We have always loved the outdoors. Together, we enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, and just generally being outside.  We don’t want to stay inside all day long; we would rather spend most of our time outdoors.

-On a daily basis, we see people working countless hours, multiple full-time jobs, and additional part-time jobs to survive and pay the bills.  We don’t want that kind of life.  We can’t see ourselves working that hard, simply to go to the next job.

-We have lived together for nearly five years. Over that time, we have learned that we don’t need a lot of space. And stuff? We don’t need a lot of that either.  After moving months ago, we haven’t unpacked many of the boxes we have.  What’s the point?

-We are concerned about the environment. We are striving to generate less waste in both our daily lives and in our build.

-We want to explore living in other areas of the country without making a huge financial commitment in any one place. When our house can move with us, we can move around without losing a sense of home.


We acknowledge that tiny living isn’t right for everyone, and are totally okay with that. We may decide one day that it isn’t right for us either as our family evolves. For now though, it’s a great adventure!