Wendy Blair & Christopher Steines

Hello! First off, thanks for taking an interest in our story. Introductions are awkward, but we’ll do our best to make this quick and painless.

We are both twenty-somethings who were born and raised in Connecticut. Christopher currently works as an EMT and volunteers as a firefighter. Wendy has a part-time desk job. We also have a couple of small businesses together.

We have been together on-and-off since 2007 and are recently engaged.

Our tiny house is approximately 28′ x 8.5′ and is based on the Morrison’s hOMe design. We began our build in February 2016. We are building in Connecticut and have intentions of moving our house to Colorado when it is finished.

There is so much more to our story! Check out our posts to find out more about why we are transitioning to tiny, how we chose our plans, and the challenges we face while building and living tiny.